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Paysafe Group Plc provides online payment processing and money transfer services. The company offers an integrated suite of secure and e-commerce payment solutions. It operates through the following segments: Payment Processing, Digital Wallets and Prepaid. The Payment Processing segment generates fees through the Paysafe and Paysafe Asia processing platforms where customers send money directly to merchants, as well as payolution's online payment services, white label technology solutions and consulting services. The Digital Wallets segment generates fees by transactions between members and merchants using the NETELLER service and Net+prepaid cards, and the Skrill Wallet and Skrill prepaid cards. The Prepaid generates fee from merchants accepting payments made using paysafecard prepaid vouchers and charges to consumers. Paysafe Group was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Douglas, Isle of Man.

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ISIN GB0034264548
Index FTSE 250

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Börsvärde i SEK 32,93 Mrd
Free float %
Antal aktier mio. 498,47
Cashflow/aktie i lokal valuta
Bokvärde/aktie i lokal valuta
60 dagar vola 9,19