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PE-tal 5,90 8,96 8,66 9,25 9,63
Resultat/aktie 174,43 127,46 131,90 123,56 118,70

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Kobe Steel, Ltd. engages in the manufacture, production, and sale of iron and steel. It operates through the following segments: Iron and Steel, Welding, Aluminum and Copper, Machinery, Engineering, Construction Machinery, Power, and Other Businesses. The Iron and Steel Business segment includes steel wire rods and bars, steel sheets, steel billets, steel castings and forgings, titanium and titanium alloys, foundry pig iron, slag products, stainless steel tube, construction materials, and other specialty steel products. The Welding Business segment provides welding materials, welding systems, high functional materials and related services. The Aluminum and Copper Business segment covers aluminum sheets and plates, aluminum extrusions and fabricated products, aluminum castings and forgings, copper sheets and strips and copper tubes. The Machinery Business segment provides tire and rubber machinery, plastic processing machinery, advanced technology equipment, metalworking machinery, nonstandard compressors, standard compressors, chemical and energy equipment, nuclear power equipment and related services. The Engineering Business segment includes ironmaking processes, iron ore-pelletizing system, nuclear power products, chemical weapons destruction services, steel structures and sabo, urban transit systems and upgrading of low-rank coal. The Construction Machinery Business segment covers construction equipment, construction recycling machinery, metal recycling machinery, resource recycling machinery and forestry machinery. The Other Businesses segment provides real estate development, construction, sales, brokering and remodeling, material analysis and testing, structural assessment, manufacture and sale of sputtering targets. The company was founded on September 1, 1905 and is headquartered in Kobe, Japan.

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ISIN JP3289800009
Index BX Swiss - A, NIKKEI 225

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Börsvärde i SEK 33,22 Mrd
Free float %
Antal aktier mio. 364,36
Cashflow/aktie i lokal valuta 465,00
Bokvärde/aktie i lokal valuta 2 050,00
60 dagar vola 37,8