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UGL Ltd. is a diversified engineering, maintenance, facilities management and property services group operating internationally in the rail, water, power, transport, resources and property sectors. The company operates through following business segments: Rail and Defence; Asset Services; Technology Systems; Engineering and Construction; and International. The Rail and Defence segment engages in passenger and freight build and maintenance, GE parts sales and distribution, supply chain services, component manufacture, and naval ship maintenance. The Asset Services segment maintenance, shutdowns and turnarounds in liquefied natural gas, minerals processing, petroleum, power and water sectors. The Technology Systems segment engages in road tunnel signalling and communications systems, train signalling and control systems, and wireless communications. The Engineering and Construction segment involves in engineering, procurement; construction and commissioning in the power, water and resources sectors. The International segment involves in engineering design, procurement, construction and commissioning of water treatment plants, oil and gas pipeline engineering, procurement and construction capability.UGL was founded on June 6, 1986 and is headquartered in North Sydney, Australia.

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