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Steamships Trading Co. Ltd. operates as a diverse trading conglomerate in Papua New Guinea. It engages in shipping, road transport, and product manufacturing, property, and hotel management and information technology services. The company operates through its segments: Commercial, Hotels and Property, Logistics, and Finance and Investment. The Commercial segment consists of the retail arm of the group and is involved in the manufacturing and distribution of food products and general information technology retail sales. The Hotels and Property segment consists of the hotels owned and operated by the group and also its property leasing division. The Logistics segment consists of shipping and land based freight transport divisions. The Finance and Investment segment consists of the head office administration function and internal property development projects prior to the transfer to the Hotel and Property segment. Steamships Trading was founded in 1919 and is headquartered in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

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Kurs 21,00 AUD -1,00 -4,55 %
Kurstid 04:09:17
Datum 17.01.2017
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ISIN PG0008858709
Index Australia All Ordinaries

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