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44,57EUR 0,87EUR 2,00%
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Utdelning 2,22 3,44 2,86 2,82 2,65
Direktavkastning (i %) 3,80 5,07 4,22 4,17 3,92
PE-tal 15,74 12,09 14,38 14,65 12,51
Resultat/aktie 3,71 5,60 4,71 4,62 5,42

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Rio Tinto Ltd. engages in finding, mining, and processing of mineral resources. Its businesses include open pit and underground mines, mills, refineries and smelters as well as research and service facilities. The firm comprises of five principal product groups: Aluminium, Copper and Coal, Diamonds and Minerals, Energy and Iron Ore. It also comprises two support groups: Technology & Innovation and Exploration. The Aluminium product group includes bauxite, alumina and aluminium. The Copper and Coal group includes copper, gold, molybdenum and silver. The Diamonds and Minerals group comprises mining, refining and marketing operations across four sectors. This group includes diamonds, borates, salt and titanium dioxide. The Energy product group includes thermal coal, used for electricity generation in power stations, and of coking coal for steel making. Its products include thermal coal, coking coal and uranium. The Iron ore product group supplies to the iron ore market which makes steel for industrial and infrastructure use. It is also a salt exporter, producing industrial salt for the chemicals industry. Its products include iron ore and salt. Its projects include Benga, Oyu Tolgoi, Pilbara, and Simandou. The company was founded on December 17, 1959 and is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

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Kurstid 08:14 Börsen STU

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Kurs 44,57 EUR 0,87 2,00 %
Kurstid 08:07:11
Datum 25.09.2017
Öppning 44,57
Gårdagen 43,70
Dagshögsta 44,57
Dagslägsta 44,57
52 v. högsta 50,30
52 v. lägsta 33,25
52 v. perf.
Volym (Antal) 25
Börsvärde (SEK) 176,66 Mrd
Kurs för 44,57 EUR från börsen Frankfurt motsvarar med aktuell växelkurssentspricht EUR/SEK en kurs på 424,86 SEK.

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Index Australia All Ordinaries, BX Swiss - Aust

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Börsvärde i SEK 176,66 Mrd
Free float % 99,86
Antal aktier mio. 424,19
Cashflow/aktie i lokal valuta 6,37
Bokvärde/aktie i lokal valuta 28,57
60 dagar vola 31,06
PBV 2,05