OMX30 1 504 0,8%  OMXH25 3 571 2,0%  OMXC20 834 0,4%  Dow 19 550 1,6%  Nas 4 852 1,3%  EUR 9,7614 0,1%  USD 9,0710 0,0%  Olja 53,4 -1,1%  Guld 1 176 0,2% 

ABAG Aktienmarkt Beteiligungs Aktie

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Profil ABAG Aktienmarkt Beteiligungs AG

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ABAG Aktienmarkt Beteiligungs AG engages in long term investments in small and middle capitalization listed companies, as well as in undervalued non-listed companies. Its investment activities focus on the areas of life sciences with emphasis on medical technology and over-the-counter drugs, real estate with increase in property value through active asset and property management, online distribution of fashion and designer products, as well as financial holdings with value-adding and exit potential. The company was founded on July 28, 1999 and is headquartered in Cologne, Germany.

Till aktien ABAG Aktienmarkt Beteiligungs

ISIN DE0005254601

ABAG Aktienmarkt Beteiligungs Nyckeltal

Börsvärde i SEK
Free float %
Antal aktier mio. 16,29
Cashflow/aktie i lokal valuta
Bokvärde/aktie i lokal valuta
60 dagar vola